• Tomboy and gender expression.

    Too Queer for your binary.

    We all have gender expression. And in most cases, the first time we stumbled upon our gender is at birth (or ultrasound scan) when we show our genitals, I am a girl, I am a boy. At that moment, everything on that day and at that place is supposed to be and will be a man or a woman, is sealed to us like a second skin.

  • What is homosexual?

    Homosexual behavior of Sambian nuances the concept of homosexuality.

    Behaviors, attitudes and sexual tendencies of people have been seen and understood in many different ways depending on the culture or the time, and with that I am referring not only to sex between same sex people but everything that belongs to the sphere of human sexuality. The idea of a general and absolute rejection of any type of sexual contact between persons of the same sex is totally false and only understood from the Judeo-Christian perspective of the last millennium where all sexual behavior must be controlled and often suppressed or annulled.

  • Inuit woman, bisexuality and the Primus stove

    The following article speaks about Moscas de Colores research initiated almost two years ago, following the publication of our Kalaallisut Gay and Lesbian Dictionary, name given to the language of the Inuit people of Greenland. Starting up with the study of the collected words and the intention of understanding them, we were following the thread till we reached surprising and important conclusions that we want to share with you in our eagerness to show how natural is the human sexual diversity and its features.

  • Kesser Vater, Papi Chula.

    Gertrude Sandmann, Berlin artist and founder of group L'74 (Lesbos 1974) and his partner Hedwig Koslowski a Kesser Vater.

    Kesser Vater is a term used in Germany to appoint lesbians. On many occasions it can be found translated into English as “Butch” and into Spanish as “Marimacho”, however these translations and explanations describe just a hint of the reality behind this expression.

  • The word of god.

    With every translation of the Bible it became more homophobic.

    In 382 of our era was released one of the most influential books in the history of humanity. A compendium of jewish and christian sacred texts, duly reviewed and approved by the Roman Curia. The bible, the biblical canon or the vulgate. From this moment the word of the christian god was one and, they always told us so, it clearly said that this god did not love homosexuals. Or this has been led to believe.

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