• Homosexual behaviour and homosexuality

    Harris Wofford and Matthew Charlton

    I remember perfectly the day it started, was about 15 years old and at that time I was a boy in the Spain of the 80s who had had several girlfriends. I can not deny that there was always a background murmur and some sexual experiences during my childhood, also with girls, but all was relatively calm until one day, in the disco where every friday all high school people met...

  • Inuit woman, bisexuality and the Primus stove

    The following article speaks about Moscas de Colores research initiated almost two years ago, following the publication of our Kalaallisut Gay and Lesbian Dictionary, name given to the language of the Inuit people of Greenland. Starting up with the study of the collected words and the intention of understanding them, we were following the thread till we reached surprising and important conclusions that we want to share with you in our eagerness to show how natural is the human sexual diversity and its features.

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