The sexual behavior of Sambia tribes relativizes western sexual categories.

Sambia or sexual relativity.

The fight for the recognition of sexual diversity has required 200 years to get their first fruits in legislation. However, once achieved equal rights, we must continue working to get full social equality for the purpose of this equality in rights spread across the globe, stay in time and make a happier humanity. For this, it is necessary to know sexuality in an accurate way and in all its breadth, and that this knowledge flow to strip the opinions of prejudice that humanity drags since the emergence of monotheistic religions, without well knowing the reason. A good way to do it is by compared sexuality. How is sexuality in the rest of the animal kingdom? How is sexuality in other human societies?

By this analysis and subsequent comparison we will be able to separate realities of prejudices. So today let's talk about the Sambia tribe of Papua New Guinea, to try to describe what we see in the fragment documentary we put at your disposal and, although it is narrated in German is not necessary to understand the language to see what they are doing . Is not the same watch the documentary before the explanation than after, once you known the keys of Sambia culture. The video is short, so you can do the test.

The Sambia and semen.

The Sambia tribes inhabit the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea with a population of about 2,500 inhabitants spread over a vast area of jungle. In these tribes semen, as in other societies of Melanesia, it is a scarce, essential and vital element for its members, both male and female.

In the Sambia culture, with semen, the spirits of ancestors are transmitted, life is created, the body develops and strengthens. The age of individuals is producing a social hierarchy in which women are relegated to second place because they wear out the semen of men, and that children should eat to produce sperm. Women mature naturally because their bodies contain an organ of menstrual blood that accelerates their development.

All this seminal circuit occurs through practices that we would call homosexuals and pedophiles also (because boys are initiated by adults from 7 or 8 years) and that to these tribes is a vital ritual of extreme importance and necessity in which semen passes from one individual to another through breastfeeding (equating breastfeeding of newborns with adults performed fellatio), anal intercourse and genital intercourse with procreative purposes. Masturbation, as we understand it, does not occur because it implies a waste of semen.

Sex functions in the Sambia tribes.

The sexual behavior of Sambia, derived from their culture, can be classified into several categories:

  1. Erotic game: achieve orgasm for use semen, although the receiver takes semen for growth.

  2. Procreation: heterosexual contact, genital to genital, that produces the birth of descent and fellatio to prepare woman's body to give breast milk.

  3. Growth: human growth is due with the ingestion of semen, breast milk, and some plants. The male growth is due with inseminations during his childhood. This semen is distributed in the body and will mature skin, bones and skull. Semen also is accumulate in the genitals of young and develop body hair and penis, and so may have subsequent sexual contacts.

  4. Strength: semen masculinizes body of men. Strength is a product of semen transaction from other men by the father, which he then used to feed his wife, whose body, in turn, has a natural capacity for storing the fluid and make chest food that strengthens and mature the child.

  5. Spirituality: the most important family spirit and soul are inherited from the father through the semen.

Sambia sexuality and sexual relativity.

The sexual life of tribes Sambia shows all the functions of sex.

If we had to classify the sexual behavior of Sambia in Western categories, heterosexual and homosexual, it would be quite difficult, even if we say that they are all bisexual because cultural difference is very large. However this is not the most interesting point.

What if a Western newborn child was brought up by a Sambia tribe? What if a Sambia child, for any reason, was brought up from birth in USA by an american father and a mother? Is the human sexuality diverse or not? Are we going to continue to believe that any non-heterosexual behavior is wrong and unnatural? Are we going to continue to think that sexuality is in a unique way? Sexuality is plastic, malleable, throughout nature.

As you can see a person's sexual orientation depends, at least in part, of the society in which people develops and lives, so sexual behavior can no longer be classified as abnormal or unnatural. It is not surprising therefore that the gene of homosexuality has not be found, nor is strange that the sexual behavior of the individual may change according to life experiences. We can therefore speak of a biological system of sexual desire orientation modelable for the environment, with an outcome that is not just two colors, white or black, but offers a variety of infinite colors.

Source: Ritualized homosexuality in Melanesia. Gilbert H. Herdt - 1993

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